Our dreams can get pretty weird and honestly I haven’t been recalling many in recent years. I should do something like that. It might be interesting to think about what’s been on my mind.

On another note, I do remember one really weird dream I had back in high school. I was in a forest that was all purple with a blue monkey that was my sidekick but really wasn’t a good sidekick as he was too scared to fight.

Anyway, if that wasnt weird enough we were fighting a gigantic stick man who wore a sombrero and breathed fire. It was a pretty long battle since apparently, I was hitting him in slow motion and all my attacks were fire-based which against a fire-breathing stick man wearing a sombrero meant it wasn’t very effective.

In short, it shows how creative my brain can be in some cases but also make no sense as to why I dreamt that that one time.

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