Over the years as I’ve been reading up on articles on relationships and kids I’ve learned more of the gravity of considering kids and the topics around it. From how we generally behave, to things like abortion. This article has helped me to put more of that knowledge into perspective for me.

The biggest thing I’ve learned about parenting is that parents are often contradictory. They want what’s best for their kids (get a successful career, go to the best schools, etc.) and yet as you pointed out many of them are selfish. They want a kid so they can leverage them on various levels.

All of that starts to change dramatically once you realize that and do some more personal discovery.

To be there for your kid, but also to let them grow into who they want to be.

And that even means asking questions about kids before and during pregnancy.

Are you mentally and emotionally ready as you’ll ever be to raise a child?

Are you able to set aside your own life for now and help to provide for a child?

And many others.

It’s not a simple yes or no answer and above all what each party decides is their own decision. We won’t know if it’s truly right or wrong until they’ve walked down that path they made for a little while.

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