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Plans Are To Be Fluid. Here’s Why.

The Daily Grind #59

Life has a way of throwing things at us. Some times we are completely prepared and can expect it. Other times it throws us for a loop.

It can be difficult to keep up with a player in which we can not anticipate their next move. It’s why we need to be constantly on our toes thinking of how to approach.

Should we be on the defence or should we be on the offence?

What governs that question boils down to the plan that we have set for ourselves. Like bricks to form a road, our plans are structurally sound and for most of us they are hard to remove them and shift them at times.

But our plans should be fluid, like the approach of a tennis or badminton player who dances around the court in anticipation.

Here’s why.

We Can’t Anticipate For Happens

I’ve been stuck in a bit of a rut lately and it stems from a handful of changes. I’ll admit that I’m a little lost as to what I should be prioritizing in my life right at this moment.

It’s for this reason why I reflected on my past actions and my current plan right now. I remarked my ability to change plans quickly. Not because of lack of interest — though that could’ve been a few cases — but because of the world around me.

We can not anticipate what is going to happen and our plans — as rigid as they may be — should not be relied on completely.

I’ll get into that reasoning shortly. But with that anticipation it makes sense for us to have a form fitting plan, to move it away from a brick road and make it into clay.

Something that we can mold however we like and even if it crumbles, we can build it back up again.

This is how I see plans and how I can stay on my toes.

Our Path Is Not Set In Stone

But going back to the reliability of our plans, having something in stone on the surface makes sense. We all depend on some form of stability. It’s our natural instinct to feel safe on solid ground and why if we are falling, we panic and try to grab onto something.

As much as plans are great to follow and abide by, these shouldn’t be the structures that we rely on oh so much. Plans, when not checked frequently, can run you to the ground.

And even the most noblest of intentions can backfire and hinder individuals.

Take business. We have norms and strategies that work effectively in the 80s during a boom year. Those practices don’t work so much right now, and yet people still employ them.

They choose that as opposed to looking at what’s wrong with the system and making changes. It’s why people think there is a “millennial problem” because old tactics don’t work on us.

Instead there needs to be change. And plans need to be adaptable. It’s the tennis and badminton player all over again.

How the game flows is different based on the movements of each player and how they hit the ball. If each player had the same strategy every time, it would become obvious who would win.

All the same, if we have the same plan and same path, it’s not considering the environment that shifts and turns on a regular basis.

Be Fluid, Like Water

The end goal is to be flexible in how we conduct business. In order to do that, we need to recognize when things are changing that we need to be changing as well.

We can’t sit idly by using the same methods or complain that the system changed on us. This happens all the time.

Instead, those who are going to make it are going to be the ones with a firm way of where they want to go, but the path between it twists and turns.

They’re more prepared.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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