Should You Be Raising The Bar?

It’s not always so clear.

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Something I’ve been talking about on my blog is the importance of having a why. But also turning that why into a life time goal or even a goal to hustle for the remainder of this year.

What I’ve been striving for the end of this year is to see a paycheque, particularly earning a certain amount.

I am happy to say that I will accomplish this goal thanks to an agreement I made with a company for writing services.

Why I’m writing this article though isn’t to just make that announcement, it’s more on what followed after that.

You see, the amount that I’m earning actually exceeds what I set for the goal. So I’m left with a question.

Should I Raise The Bar? Or Should I Not?

It seems simple, but it’s not always so black and white. And for me in particular it’s not a simple question.

Keep in mind I’ve been writing for a few years, growing and learning. Not once have I actually been able to earn money this consistently.

Until now.

I’ve changed so much since the beginning and have said many things that I truly believe.

But in the end I’m not going to raise it. I won’t be raising the bar too high for a few reasons I want to share with you.

Goals Are Directions

Something I’ve stood behind is that our goals are not destinations. They are directions that we are working towards.

Even though I find it helpful when determining failure and success when thinking in directions, there’s more to it than that.

I’m not raising the bar because what matters in the end is the direction in which I’m going. I’m earning this money now because I had to apply myself.

I had to work for it. It didn’t magically appear.

I took action and hustled and now I’m getting something for the work.

My point is, raising the bar wouldn’t really do much. Again if I think of it as a direction, it only means if I want to make more, I work harder and smarter.

The Target Isn’t What Matters

My point is the target isn’t what matters. It’s your hustle, your work. When you want to see a paycheque, figure out what you can do and work towards it that way.

It’s not a matter of desiring a certain amount, it’s the essence of it. You are working hard to achieve it regardless of if you surpassed your goal or not.

A charity doing a charity drive doesn’t stop once they hit their target. They keep going. The same goes for a crowd funding campaign. They keep accepting offers.

I believe having the same view for our own individual goals should be like that.

What Matters Most Is You Grow From It

And I think the biggest thing is that the goal prompts you to grow into the person to achieve that goal. At the time I set the goal and the desired figure, I felt like it was going to be really close. That it would take a lot of time for me to set up something that can make money.

However I grew from this experience. I decided to not worry about putting a system in place and instead take action where I can. Applying for guest posting, learning about marketing. Doing research.

All in all developing the habits that I wanted to become the guy to achieve that goal.

The hurdle was more on the mindset, growing to be able to fit the pieces in the right place and do the right things.

So Set The Bar High

So even though I’m not shifting the bar, I still will be setting a few other fun year end goals for myself. But also I encourage you to set high expectations for yourself for the end of this year.

Set the bar high, prompt yourself to grow into the person that will make that goal seem so easy to achieve. And even in the end, if you don’t happen to achieve it, reflect on the direction you went in. Think about how much you’ve grown from the experience.

It’ll always be worth it.

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