Sharing and Showing: How To Impact A Life

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The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to him his own.” Benjamin Disraeli

There are many ways to impacting someone’s life. Of course our own words can make an impact. Like I’ve said before, the THINK model and the triple filter test are both great in filtering words.

However there is more that we can do in the form of our actions.

Particularly in sharing and showing.

Like the quote I shared above talks about, you can give or share your wealth to other people. No doubt there are charities that have been able to make a huge difference. A lot of it comes from, of course, we who want to pledge and donate some of our riches to them.

But sharing doesn’t always have to be through money.

We can share emotions. Positivity, kindness, compassion towards one another. When we share emotions we choose to be just a little vulnerable, to show a side that we may not often show towards other people.

Sharing can make a difference as it can bring hope to peoples lives. It can prompt people to take action as well, sharing kind words and positivity towards other people.

Of course, I believe we should be sharing more of the intangible things in our lives more, however I believe the other method is more valuable.

Showing Others

When we show, we become the teacher, showing others what we did to get to where we are today. We provide counsel and insight into things that other people struggle to grasp.

Showing and telling is one of the greatest tools out there for teaching and growing. Even in cases where your situation isn’t the exact same, a few things may ring to you.

Of course we all take different routes in our own lives and we all don’t have the same pathways. However we have enough similarities that we can draw ideas out, and experiment.

Showing Provides Lessons

Much like with me and marketing, I’ve read articles posted on some of the most popular marketing blogs out there. However I’ve struggled to succeed like they have. I’m clearly missing something, however through that experience I learned something.

I learned a technique worth doing later on once I’ve grown further. Something that I wouldn’t have known nor tried out. But thanks to that article, it was shown and I learned a lesson from it.

Showing Makes An Impact

When we sit down and show, explain the actions that need to be taken, it does make a difference. People can live a positive life once we explain what it’s like and how to achieve it. What worked and what didn’t.

Through showing, we lend our brain in a sense, writing down in detail those things. Letting people follow in our footsteps and maybe adding more on to the path than before.

That’s the wonderful thing about people. We have different perspectives and see things where other people didn’t.

So Show

And share your knowledge where you can. I will continue to share what I can as I learn and grow and show the process and the details always!

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