Social Media Strats: Be Social

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

It’s honestly exhausting.

From this angle, I can see why I kept coming up with excuses around social media.

What I am saying is to create a strategy that never gets old and focus on the right platforms.

I’m referring to the Pinterest and Quora’s of social media: rare gems that aren’t really looked at, but have a lot to offer for those willing to engage and use some strategy.

Start Talking

One thing that I have been working on is engaging more on content. From reading posts on Medium, to scrolling through posts on twitter and liking and replying. I’ve also taken some time to reach out and have a few conversations with people again.

  • Some of our content can be based solely off of conversations we’ve had with people, such as this post.
  • In personal branding, people buy from you specifically not because your business model is stellar but because of who you are.

Social Media Isn’t A Void

I think we’ve all described social media as a void that everyone is screaming into. Even here it’s kind of like that.

Call to action

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