Take This As A Lesson: Another Way To Think Positively

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Every September after Labour Day weekend, the town I live in holds an annual yard sale. For the first time in a very long time, our family decided to participate in selling items.

To be more specific, I decided to organize it.

I took out a lot of items and over the course of the day I managed to make a few hundred dollars from selling stuff we had no use for. However one particular sale bugged me. And it still kind of does.

It was the sale of a telescope which I grossly underpriced.

I’m not going to tell you the price because it’s embarrassing. However I didn’t tell my parents about it until my dad actually asked me about how much I sold it for. All I had to say was “Yeeeah I didn’t do a good job with sticking to my guns.” Or something along those lines.

But what’s important is what I said afterwards.

“I’ll take it as a lesson.”

A Lesson I Refuse To Repeat

In life there will be things that you’ll regret doing. I’ll admit I wish I backed out of the sale instead of caving in and selling the telescope. Even during the transaction I had a feeling of dread and utter disappointment with myself.

But it taught me a lot about haggling, even though my Dad gave me a crash course plus a lecture after I pulled that stunt. It’s something I can better prepare myself for for this year should I be so bold to sell at the yard sale again.

But this approach is good for a few reasons

It Acknowledges The Problem

Like I’ve been talking about for the past while, positivity is being aware of the bad stuff but approaching it with kindness and optimism. It’s not breaking or losing momentum every time you hit a road block.

And by acknowledging the problem, you are more likely to think of solutions.

There Is Excitement In Solutions

Of course it’s easy to get into bashing yourself. Again I find myself at times saying “I should’ve done this or that.” But instead of dwelling on that we want to be thinking about solutions.

In a sense these kinds of problems are things that I almost welcome. Because even though we don’t like negative things to happen to us in general, I actually look forward to learning and growing from those hardships.

It’s what makes me stronger and understand myself more and the direction I wish to go.

There is excitement in solutions and it’s all a big puzzle. A puzzle that I love solving.

But most of all, this method…

Is A Lesson In Of Itself

A lessonception perhaps?

Anyway, I see the phrase “I’ll take it as a lesson” as a lesson that there is still more for me to learn and grow from. That blunder I experienced wasn’t a failure because I learned something from it.

In fact I learned a lot from that little exchange. It allowed me to move from seeing that situation as a generally bad thing to something that I’m grateful for.

It taught me I need to be more prepared for next time and get prepared faster the next time. To have some idea of what things are actually worth as well.

I realize I was so caught up in the fact that we’re sitting on a good chunk of money of stuff that I didn’t take any preparation in researching the values.

Next Time I’ll Do Better

Next time, I’ll be more mindful. I learned a valuable lesson from it and it is up to me to remind myself but also to practice it for next time.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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