Thanks, Bader for replying. I’d like to hear more about your thoughts on why it doesn’t make sense. I understand that from a capitalist game perspective our markets are governed by we the people. It makes sense that things are run how we want it and the most popular ideals filter down as people adopt those ideas. What I’m arguing is that some of those ideals don’t make sense in how the game has evolved over the years of business today. It’s to the point that things are unfair and unjust. Furthermore, some of that persists because of people’s primary goal of getting bought out by their competition specifically.

Like I said before, I’m not against the idea of someone outside of an industry buying businesses and shaping them how they want in order to move forward. That I feel is better than being bought out by direct competition. But I feel that how business is conducted today is flawed to some level and part of it revolves around peoples desires to build a business for the sole reason of getting bought out as opposed to making the best product or service they can provide with what they have available.

Anyway, I’m curious what your whole understanding of this stems from.

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