That actually is something that I should be taking up more actually and this should be something I should practice. Mainly because I’ve actually stopped tipping for several months.

My logic behind that is much like my brothers. Tipping originated around the time of the great depression and the jobs that got hit the most was waiting jobs. Tipping became a sort of curtesy to help waiters and waitresses keep their jobs. Kind of like the rich voluntarily giving money to the poorer.

The problem with that though is that it created a behaviour between the employees and their bosses and to this day, waiting jobs are still the most underpaid job mainly because waiters and waitresses are relying on the public still to supplement their income. Not only that but the owners can cut corners with wages. Basically paying them as minimum wage workers with their tips considered as bonuses and some consider those as suitable replacements as opposed to raises.

I’m not saying tipping is a bad thing. It’s an act of kindness and that means something. But at the same time, having these other options I think is wise as well.

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