The 2018 Action Plan To Give You A Meaningful Life (Or Even Deeper Meaning)

With the new year being literally today, many people may have a mixture of emotions. Especially around the talk of resolutions. Today I’d like to mitigate some of those uneasy feelings by putting together an action plan. We’ll be looking at some of the previous strategies that successful people do and why putting this all together will work and help you to have a more meaningful life in 2018 regardless of where you are at in your personal journey.

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“So what’s your new years resolution?”

“Good artists create, great artists steal.”

The 2018 Strategy To A Meaningful Life

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Your Foundation: Hold A Strict Schedule

What some of the successful have to say about it is to hold a strict and precise schedule for yourself.

Having a schedule and knowing what you want to get out of each day is your foundation and needs to get done.

Learning How To Build: Finding Your Why And Setting Habits

Either way you need to determine that before thinking about habits.

Either way many implement at the very least one hour of cardio every day into your life.

Actually Building: Developing A Positive Mindset

But developing a positive and flexible mindset can compliment this plan. Think of it as plan B.

Understand why you are doing this, why you want to do this.

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