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The Challenges Of Being A Blogger

Why it’s a challenging, yet rewarding occupation.

When I first jumped into blogging, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. I merely wanted to write and help other people as best as I can.

And while I struggled with doing that over the years as a blogger, one fact about the challenges of being a blogger stood out to me.

It is ten times harder to grow a blog than a Youtube channel.

At the time I was (pathetically) juggling between growing a Youtube channel and running a blog. And while I still have my hat in the ring even today for that, my focus has been more on the blogging side.

After all, being a blogger is a lot more than just writing.

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Consider The Duties

For many of us writers and bloggers, we don’t always realize how many duties we have.

We’re more than just the writers and creators of our articles.

We’re the marketers who push our articles and write them in a way that gets the most attention.

We’re the researchers who fact-check and draw inspiration from other articles.

We’re public relations, reaching out to new platforms, other bloggers, building our network.

We’re the accountants, balancing our transactions and recording them and holding onto the receipts of every purchase we make at the local coffee shop.

And the list goes on.

The amount of duties that writers have at the beginning is enormous. And while you can delegate a lot of these duties over, this brings up another challenge that we all have.

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The Initial Challenge Of Generating Revenue

I can’t speak for everyone but it took me a long time to generate any semblance of revenue. Literally last year was the first year I was able to generate a substantial amount of money. And that revenue was only about $4,000.

I’m not saying it’s a long and tough process to make money writing at the beginning. Look at Shannon Ashley who has generated thousands within her first year of writing.

There are many opportunities out there but the challenge is more in finding them.

I never heard of Medium until a few years ago. And some of the ways I generated revenue came from people that were in my network that I decided to follow up on.

In many cases, the most obvious forms of generating revenue come from building an audience. From AdSense to being paid a good chunk on Medium, to buyers of courses and other services.

It’s why for writers their earnings at the beginning are not as substantial. But the faster you grow a quality audience, the more explosive your earnings will become.

And that’s one of the rewards and maybe curses of a blogger.

Your earnings could be so low that you can’t support yourself and have to make some lifestyle shifts you don’t like. That mental struggle can also affect your writing both in the finished product and how you develop it.

But the fact that you could go from losing a substantial source to replacing it quickly with something else is an amazing feeling and it can be very rewarding.

It all depends on your mental strength and how you view the world and your decisions.

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The Mental Challenges

But our mental strength may not always be the best. Even the strongest of minds can falter. It’s easy to slip into states where we’re doing things we don’t want to do.

Just last night I saw one of Tom Kuegler’s tweets about him struggling on a personal level. I know that he is going to bounce back, but these feelings of relapsing are not just exclusive to him.

I know for myself I’ve struggled with this as well. My earning potential was stalled so much at the beginning because I was lost. I chased after various money opportunities that were irrelevant. I more or less wasted my time for several years rather than focusing on developing one skill at a time.

The mental challenges make an impact on multiple levels and a lot of that is to do with where we are currently in our lives. And again how we view our problems and how they can impact our lives should they become larger issues.

And many cases it can become too much for us to handle.

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The Powerful Networks

But that’s the beauty of being a writer or a blogger. Many people can relate to these issues on some level. And sure there is a challenge behind building a strong network of writers, but we all need that support to some extent.

Not just in sharing our posts and supporting them, but consoling and sharing experiences. The fact there are many who understand and can support is emboldening for many bloggers.

Whether we’re small or large, it’s important to have this support system, to have people we can call upon. Because the only way writers truly grow is by being exposed to other writers works.

Our writing styles are merely an amalgamation of other writers styles that we’ve picked and have chosen.

And that’s not far off from how we develop our own views.

After all, those are developed when we are exposed to different views. We then pick which view suits us the most and discard the rest.

In other words, the more people who understand what we are going through, the more that our writing can evolve and develop. But this also applies to ourselves. So long as we choose to seek out and expand our network.

A lot of these challenges stem from our own actions as well as time. It’s not an easy path, in fact how you decide to approach this occupation will determine the speed in which you succeed.

And while every person's story of becoming a great writer is different, these challenges that we face are consistent. What really changes is based on our attitude and who we have in our corner.

The blogging world can be a fulfilling career and can carve a path to many great things. Or it can be the slowest crawling process imaginable.

How it goes is entirely up to you.

Entrepreneur, positive-minded. I used to say a lot, now I do a lot. Documenting my growth. Support me on Patreon:

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