The Long Road Of Being Self-Made

What aspects should we consider as qualities of an independent individual?

Eric S Burdon
5 min readJan 20, 2019

One of the largest hooks of becoming an entrepreneur is the potential fact of becoming a self-made millionaire. Throughout the entrepreneurial world, there are many individuals who have earned the title of being self-made.

But what exactly does that sort of work entail?

What sort of person do you need to become to consider being self-made?

The reason I ask this is that one of the largest goals I have in my life is to be self-made. I want to be my own person and to live a positive and fulfilling life.

And who I needed to become to achieve that has shifted over the years as I began to work and encourage myself to do more in life.

In the beginning, I thought it meant not relying so much on people and only being able to count on yourself. This doesn’t make much sense to me now because I know I need other people in order to succeed. Not to mention help those other people as well.

Today, I believe in a few core things that need to happen in order to be considered self-made.

No Financial Burdens

The first is the obvious one and that is to not owe other people money. As soon as you owe money to other people, it means that what you are earning is going towards that person or business.

This is the base form of someone who is self-made. They’re the person that climbed out of debt and have settled those debts.

A Deep Understanding Of Themselves

But when we look past the obvious, we start to see the more complex aspects of being self-made. It’s a lot more than being financially independent and it all starts with a deep understanding of themselves.

And while we are always constantly evolving and growing, there will always be aspects of our lives that are prominent. We have our strengths and weaknesses and we often leverage those things over the course of our lives. We aim to develop and figure out how to deal with our weaknesses and bolster our strengths as well.



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