The power of words: 10 words that can bring inspiration

Words are a source for everything.

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If there is one thing I’ve been talking about all week is that our words carry weight. No doubt as a writer, I know the words that I write and also what I say can make a difference. Whether it’s on a large scale like this, or on a small scale.

Of course we associate particular words with a variety of emotions. Certain words make us angry or sad, while others can inspire and motivate us.

Today I want to share with you a handful of words that can bring inspiration. Furthermore they can spark change. Use these words in conversations and even in writing and let me know how it goes!


A simple word that it’s really now part of my every day words. It’s a word that of course inspires us to take action, which is definitely something that I continue to remind myself as well as those around me. It’s then reflected in my own writing.


Energy, energized, vigor. These are power words figuratively and literally. Simply writing them spurs me on. Even though I personally do not write or say this word very often, when I do, it feels great.


A word to be used when completing a large goal. Though other words could certainly be used, this one still has the same sort of class and glamour as the other synonyms of success.


Another old fashion word in my vocabulary, but still a great word nevertheless. It’s akin to the word energy and vigor to me in the sense that it brings some level of energy.


Call me typical, but I prefer to use the word success and successful as opposed to victory or triumph. Regardless they can still hold great inspiration when used in particular situations. Whenever I think of this word I think more of war movies or inspirational sports films. I know there’s some (maybe all) that use this word.


If you’ve read any of my work or know me to some degree this is a word I use frequently. I haven’t gotten to the point where I count how many times I use happy or happiness, and frankly I don’t really want to. However my whole schtick is happiness and positivity.


A source of pain for some, for me, it’s a word that I use to remember good times. Though I’d like to use this word when reminding myself of the places that I’d go.


Again, pretty old fashion word in my books, however like every other success synonym, it’s a good one in cases where you utterly crush your goals.


Another strong word and is frequently brought up when I talk about fear. Outside of that though it’s akin to bold or brave. Strong words that immediately make you picture a man screaming or something. (Or is that just me?)


A word for toughness. Akin to fearless, this word is like it’s brother or something. It reminds me of pretty much every super hero movie, the ability and strength to get back up and continue to fight, even when everything is being destroyed.

What are some words that inspire you?

Leave a comment down below!

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