The Truth About Complaining

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  • Doubts can be sources of motivation to propel you forward.
  • Excuses give us reasons to believe further in our convictions.

But is it truly something that is all that bad?

Because as I’ve been venturing through this journey of mine, I’ve been opening myself to interpreting things a bit differently.

  • A little bit of chocolate is good for you. Too much will mess up your heart.
  • A little bit of stress can motivate you. Too much can overwhelm you and tire you out.

A Little Complaining Can Encourage Change

A little complaining, under certain circumstances, I believe can encourage us to change.

And I mean under strict circumstances.

Complaining about things that are out of our control will yield nothing at all.

Pay Attention To Complainers As Idea Makers

I agree there are people who have baseless complaints about things. I’ve gotten some criticism in the past that I simply couldn’t use.

Complaints Can Find You New Passions

The last reason I believe complaints can help us is that they can help us discover more about ourselves. Complaints, when used properly can help us in various ways and can ultimately lead us down a new path.

Be Cautious With Complaining

Thinking about it now, complaining can help in some situations. That being said, it still is something that can hurt people as well when used incorrectly.

But a tiny bit of complaining, with the right amount of pressure, can lead us to action. It can get us moving in the most difficult of times.

If you feel stuck, there is always a way out. As many businesses and others understand it, a complainer is someone who is deeply passionate about something and can propel you to new heights when you leverage it.

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