This is an interesting read and it got me thinking a lot about work. For me, I’m of the mind that if we work hard and smart we will eventually achieve our goals. How I see this is that life will be throwing us twists and turns and that prolongs when we are able to see the success. It stands to reason that perhaps we never will get to see our own success, similar to how Vincent Van Gogh went.

As for changing societal view of placing value in others efforts, I don’t think that’ll ever change. People will pay for what they value and they’ll pay for what they think it’s worth. Of course, we can try to persuade other people to think something is worth more, but at the end it falls down to the attitude of the individual. Of course moods can be changed and lessons can be learned from those experiences, but that only happens to people one at a time. Not to mention those experiences need to manifest in the first place.

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