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Three Strategies To Break Out Of Slumps And Defeatist Attitude

We’ve all been there before.

Eric S Burdon
5 min readMay 10, 2024


It’s only recently that I’ve seen some light at the end of the tunnel that is my current chapter of my life. It hasn’t been particularly brutal, aside from financial disparity, though mentally it’s been a battlefield.

At every turn I have self-sabotaging tendencies. They normally can be stayed in check, but in times where I’m in a slump or feel particularly pessimistic, these tendencies come through.

I clamp up to offers from people, not responding to their messages for days or weeks or end up deleting their messages.

That or I stick to poor habits that I know full well won’t help my current situation at all.

Every attempt at pivoting or pushing myself to keep working on a project or on something has me doing mental gymnastics with myself.

Trying to convince myself that I should be consistent with what I’m building.

To put myself out there and be relevant.

Meanwhile looking at regressing results in the face of those attempts.

One can look at these things or similar behaviour and tell people they should be giving up. That what they are doing clearly isn’t working or getting them anywhere.



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