Today I’m Grateful. And That Has Made A Difference

The Daily Grind #4

Eric S Burdon
4 min readJul 4, 2018


Southern New Brunswick is once again in the midst of a heat wave.

Starting yesterday temperatures climbed to low 30 Celsius (86 Fahrenheit at the least).

These temperatures will continue for three days ending with a thunderstorm.

For a lot of people, the weather is a source of complaining. People think it’s too hot, or the winters are too cold.

Even if it’s a mild remark, the weather is still a sore spot for many people. It’s almost as if there is no ideal temperature for some.

For me though, I’m grateful for this weather.

In fact, every day — be it rain, shine, freezing cold, or smoulderingly hot — I am grateful.

Gratitude is an important aspect of my life and as an entrepreneur it’s a source of motivation for me.

Gratitude has made all the difference in my life and here’s why.

A Reason To Remain Positive

Gratitude provides a reason to remain positive in our lives.

Every single day there is a reason for us to be happy.

Having this reminder, as an entrepreneur or even as a person is good for a variety of reasons.

For example, I’m glad the weather is like this because it prompts me to drink more water. Furthermore it allows me to get up and move around more. This is vital for me since I spend a lot of time sitting at my desk for obvious reasons.

At the end of the day, self-motivation is key to any entrepreneur.

For myself, keeping my spirits high and having a reason to be positive is my motivation.

It Prompts Us To Think Solutions

Another compelling reason for gratitude to be in an entrepreneurs life is that it encourages us to be creative. Creative in general, but also in finding solutions.

It’s not as direct as affirmations as affirmations prompt us to take more direct steps.

Gratitude makes us thankful, but it prompts us to look at issues as well.

I’m grateful for the weather because I’ve got clean water, shelter, and many other things.

Not everyone is so fortunate to have these luxuries like I do though.

It prompted me to ask a few questions:

“What can I do to help them?”

“What can I do to spread awareness?”

It can be conceivable to create whole companies from the premise of these questions alone.

I won’t do it right now as that’s not my focus, however for others, it can provide ideas and other paths to follow.

Gratitude Is A Gift

Gratitude naturally shows us what we value in our lives as well and keeps us in the present. In order to appreciate our future prosperities we need to show appreciation for what we have right now.

Without gratitude, we are no better than people who take out massive loans just to look like what they envisioned.

I refuse to settle for that and instead show my gratitude for what I have thus far. Not to mention show gratitude for another day I live no matter the weather.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

Goal day was yesterday and it was a pretty good session overall. It got me to focus on the next step of my huge plan now that my writing challenge is over. There’s a lot of exciting stuff coming up and I’m excited for all of it as I’ll be making some serious headway on it this week.

With the path laid out for me, I also want to remind myself that it’s okay to go ahead of the goals that I’ve placed. I feel I’ve been going a little too easy on myself with my goals and I should change my attitude towards goal setting in general.

Either way this is going to be a good week.

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