Unconventional Productivity Tips: Another Way To Look At Productivity

Some times the most unusual and seemingly unproductive approaches to work can actually work. Today we cover the tip of the iceberg of productivity hacks that are both unusual, but surprisingly productive.

Sometimes the most strangest forms of productivity come from some pretty strange methods. But strange — like so many other things — can be subjective.

Only when looking with a practical eye can some times the strange make sense. They can even help with having an easier life.

And I’m all about that easier lifestyle.

Of course, this isn’t too surprising coming from the guy who says complaining can actually be good, amongst other things. Regardless people are bombarded with a variety of productivity hacks.

Sure they make sense, but not as much sense as the ones I wish to share with you today.

Let’s begin.

Play A Game

Specifically video games.

Gaming has come a long way from something that a stereotypical nerd plays. Now there are notable figures like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Larry Page amongst others who are self-proclaimed gamers.

Since then there have been numerous studies surrounding gaming and it’s honestly a mixed bag.

Indeed gaming can help in a number of ways.

There have been many studies citing various benefits.

But while those are great, some have also reported that playing violent games increases the risks of angry behaviour.

There is also the fact that people claim video games still take time and could be spent doing other things.

It’s honestly a moot point as to whether gaming is productive or not, but I think that some gaming can help out significantly.

It’s a form of relaxation, and clearly some moderation in gaming can provide some advantages.

Some other key points to note is that people have started businesses from gaming as well with most top earners on Youtube being “Let’s Players”. These are people who provide online commentary to a video game.

Furthermore, Twitch is a platform dedicated to streamers playing video games.

So it’s fair to say that gaming isn’t as bad as people let on. Too much can be fatal, but some is acceptable.

The tricky thing is bringing those skills from gaming over into the real world, which honestly is a whole other beast.

But you can be sure that playing at least a half hour to an hour a day of gaming can help you significantly regardless of field.

Have Less Goals And Less Work

I’ve said in the past that I’ve boosted my productivity by doing less and I certainly have. Every day I have a satisfying day because I devote my time to some of the “toughest tasks” that are on my list.

These tasks overall take a few hours out of my day and leave the rest of my day open.

Although I honestly can’t afford the same kind of luxury as Tim Ferriss, there is still some nugget of truth to how Tim Ferriss lives.

Doing less and focusing on the main points of work can help in boosting overall productivity.

The reason it can work is that you reduce the risk of getting overwhelmed.

That’s not to say we should all have less goals and ambitions in life. Instead only take on what is necessary at the time.

Our goals compete for our attention and the more goals that we tack on can be overwhelming.

For example, I’ve got a Youtube channel that I work on from time to time but I also have writing as well. Despite how few videos I’m making, it’s actually surprising how much time goes into those videos.

Yes I can certainly make videos. But quality and appropriate videos is a whole other story.

It takes time to manage a youtube channel and to grow it into something you can use. To put that as a goal though at this point will compete with my current goal of writing. That much is obvious since I’ve been writing so much.

When we put on less tasks, we focus on the more important details.

It’s the same concept as giving less time to do an assignment.

Give yourself an hour or two to do a task, you’ll focus on the most important stuff. That’s a psychological fact.

Give yourself a week, you’ll put it off and finish it in a mad panic.

Speaking of which…


Probably the most unconventional one is the act of putting things off to the last minute. I believe in some certain cases procrastinating can actually work at some capacity.

I’m not saying those who “work under pressure” are right. After all that can lead to feeling overwhelmed which is the last thing that you want.

Instead, you want to procrastinate only in the span of the day.

That’s right, the most important task you have to do is a task that you do at the very end.

Even if this is a task that is most important. If you have the luxury of putting it off until the end of the day, go and do that.

The reason this can work for some people is that certain tasks make us want to groan and even whine about it. It fills us with a sense of dread that lingers throughout the day when we think about it.

But by approaching with the mentality of “let’s do this later,” it’s much like delayed gratification.

You are denying or delaying the feelings of, in this case, dread, by doing something else.

This can put us in a flow state of mind. If we can get the other tasks done first, we can then begin to chip away at larger projects or assignments that we don’t enjoy as much.

As a side note, embracing the fact that a certain assignment or task sucks can lead to further acceptance of the task.

Even if it sucks, you do have to do it and the we can trick our brain to getting it done swiftly and still come out with something of quality rather than half-assed.

Productive Use Of Time

Even from seemingly unhelpful aspects can those things help us in moderate amounts. When we think of these tactics, that are bad in most situations, they do have a way to shine when we use them correctly.

Truly some of the most seemingly unproductive things can be truly helpful for us. All the same, productive tactics, when used poorly, can hinder us just as much.

Keep this in mind when finding ways to stay productive.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

Entrepreneur, positive-minded. I used to say a lot, now I do a lot. Documenting my growth. Support me on Patreon: http://bit.ly/2pIEPFR

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