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Use This One Trick To 10X Your Own Abilities

Abilities are an aspect that I haven’t focused on much. No doubt there are many great qualities out there in the world. But what out there is the best way to be improving your abilities? This question has been asked many times before and there are tonnes of people out there willing to share their advice with you.

Willingness to improve rather than rely on your own current abilities.

As unusual of a sentence that is, it makes a lot of sense the more you think about it. For example, if you want to be improving your abilities in driving a car, you have to start driving a car. This logic is true with everything in life. But behind that specific action is a willingness.

How can you grow your willingness to improve those abilities?

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It Starts And Ends With Self-Esteem

At the end of the day, our abilities stem from our self-esteem. Your willingness to do things beyond your comfort zone and how you view your abilities — and yourselves — stems from this. If you think you’re a terrible writer, you’re not going to write very good and you’ll be hesitant in taking in larger clients.

How that happens is to further enhance your self esteem.

Things like:

  • Looking for opportunities to question your current views and mindsets about things.
  • Reinforcing positive actions while identifying negative aspects that get in the way of your current goals.
  • Being more assertive.
  • Improving how you look at yourself. Whether it’s on a mental level but also physically too.

You Can Enhance Your Abilities And Grow Tremendously

Your own willingness to do something plays a role in all this. If there is no willingness to grow or admit there is something wrong, then you will continue going down the same path you’ve always been going down. Until you do something that you are scared to do or uncomfortable with doing, only then will you start to see growth and improvement. Even if it means taking a step back.

This challenge is all a test.

A test of your own abilities and how you view yourself and them. If you want to be growing and seeing new places and making bigger strides, you need to show your willingness to get to that castle.

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