Want To Develop Patience And Learn About Yourself? Have A Journal.

Eric S Burdon
4 min readJun 5, 2018
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Whether it’s public or private, a journal can be an important stepping stone to developing patience and also learning about yourself.

On the learning aspect, most times the learning comes from rereading the journal at a later date.

In there you discuss issues and perhaps solutions and how you feel.

These aspects help us connect with ourselves on a deeper level. Benjamin Hardy even discussed some benefits of journal keeping last year.

Regardless of whether you are writing your day to day activities or even a journey, a journal is a multi-purpose tool with a variety of benefits.

Of course the main benefit is understanding yourself on a deeper level, but there is more.

Journal keeping can allow you to be more patient with yourself.

Journal Keeping Reminds You A Journey Is A Process

Remember, we get wrapped up in our head that progress can be quick. We drum up in our head as well that we can get instant results as well.

That’s simply not the case. Some things are meant to be drawn out and be a long process.

Keeping a journal is a reminder of that.

Whether you talk about the journey, your day or a general overview of your progress, you will be talking about the roadblocks.

You’ll talk about the troubles you have with a client or perhaps your employer if you see the business as a side-hustle.

Writing these things down slowly sinks in that the journey will be long. At the same time it’s for those particular reasons why you get excited for it or it could be your reason why you are doing this.

Journal keeping is a reminder for many things.

Journals Are Malleable & Test Commitment

Journals can be whatever you want them to be. Whether it’s sharing your view points about something like what I’ve been doing, or talking about your growth and progress.

Maybe you might want to take a page from Jon Westenberg and do a little bit of both. Whatever it is, journals are flexible and the usefulness of them depends entirely on you and your commitment.

Furthermore a journal can even be a way to gage your commitment and interest of something as well.

When you are truly interested in something you will spend time developing it. You’ll focus and make a commitment to improving.

Sure your journal keeping skills may only be seen by you, but in it you talk about whatever you like. If you have a business, you can gage your interest by looking at the journal.

Are you writing short posts on a daily basis?

Or lengthy ones about the week?

The frequency and gaps between each journal post and what’s in it can be significant.

I know for myself when I talk about my progress of my health in my weekly post, I can tell the difference between whether I made progress or made none at all. That falls down to what it is I write about each week.

On days I talk about some specific advice, I know that I didn’t do much health-wise.

Whereas if I talk about particular events I know that I made progress and have something to share.

Your actions on journal keeping make an impact but also how you feel as well. It’s why I’m more committed to my health now because I don’t want to feel like I did nothing all week. It makes me feel empty.

Journals Help

Journals convey our true feelings and make our actions permanent and that’s alright. From there we can understand ourselves and allocate time to it. Devoting time to journalling is an act of patience as you are using your time to organize your thoughts and next actions.

A lot of times pausing and taking inventory like this is the best move you can make.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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