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What Does The Butterfly Effect Have To Do With Business?

How to leverage the butterfly effect and grow your business

Eric S Burdon
4 min readSep 26, 2018

One small action leads to another and another affecting more and more people the longer it lasts.

The butterfly effect — or ripple effect — is a force that not many people really think about. Entrepreneurs are focusing forward, looking for new ideas or maintaining their businesses. There is always a task at hand or a fire to put out.

But little do we know that our actions in those specific situations can create a ripple effect regardless of if we’re flying solo or in a large company. And much like outside relationships, these actions set the stage for the next scene our business plays.

Is the business going thrive? Or will it burn to the ground?

That depends on your response and how well you can leverage the butterfly effect in various situations.

Affecting Employees

Whether you are flying solo or have a massive amount of employees, it’s important to see how the butterfly effect carries. You see, the butterfly effect is more than just one ripple in a lake. As soon as it touches someone else, another ripple is going to be forming.

It’s the same idea as encouraging every person to compliment one person that day. The world would be a happier place because so many people would be complimenting one another. All the same, treating employees right is key to them treating customers right.

Simon Sinek hasn’t spoken about that but had something similar to this idea: A leader is meant to look after the people who are looking after their customers.

Similarly, he finds it hilarious that CEOs who’ve been in business for decades says their main priority is the customer although they haven’t spoken to one in years.

It shows the disconnection.

No wonder so many employees feel utterly disconnected from work and the company.

Owners of the businesses are more concerned about Joe on the street as opposed to the people they’re responsible for looking after.



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