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What Goes Into A Plan?

A lot more than you think.

A failure to plan, is a plan to fail.

Nothing could be spoken more true than that about plans. We’ve always had plans and some times our plans get foiled while others allow people to flourish.

Plans at their core are simple tools that can change our entire lives around when we let them. For myself, plans are the cornerstone of my development and are necessary in my growth.

While others may think plans really arent all that needed, people shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss them. Plans are great as a solid pathway towards success, but even the planning itself has a lot that not every person realizes.

We all have goals and dreams and those are tossed into our plan. However when we think about it further, we have little idea how to get those goals. So we set smaller goals and find reasons to motivate ourselves to do those goals.

But it’s not as basic as that. Plans fail, we set the wrong goals, or perhaps our motivations aren’t as clear for us.

There’s many reasons why our plans — and us as a result — fail.

So what does it take to construct a plan? What really goes into it when we dig past the goals, motivations, and dreams? A lot than you might think.

Plans Have Personality

Plans at their core have a personality, after all you are the person who is creating the plan in the first place. How you think and your own writing patterns are intertwined with the plan.

Much the same with music, each persons style of music and even writing is different based on our dialect and personality. Some people prefer long-winded and detailed plans while others like brevity.

For me, I like mine short. I’ve never been a big fan of business plans in school. All the research and compiling information made these projects dreadful for me. I wanted to get right to the point and leave it at that.

In the end though, those personalities are key and can very well determine how much of a success or a flop those plans actually are. But also determine how committed you are to those plans and how you feel when doing them.

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Plans Can Dictate Success

Do plans predict the future?

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A lot of people will say no.

After all, how can an inanimate object you created tell you how successful you will be?

More than you think.

While we may not know the end results, one thing is quite clear: the clarity and what is put into the plan can determine a lot about what you’ll achieve and whether you’ll succeed or not.

Again, our plans have personality. This personality stems from our writing and what our focus is on. Not only that but the prominence of that personality is based on the depth of our work.

I vividly remember when Republicans announced their American health care plan last year and how much of a sham it is. While the bill didn’t get passed, it’s important to look at the contents as the focus of the plan was revolving around what to do if a lower income individual won the lottery.

Really identifies someone’s priorities don’t you think?

But that’s the point. It shows your personality and how much care you put into certain things. People spend hours planning what car that they want to buy and yet spend little time planning a budget.

No wonder people are in debt.

But what goes into that plan as well determines your focus as well. If you focus a lot on your business goals, it means at the time of writing that plan you really want your business to grow. You might even be highly motivated to complete those goals because you spent more time putting those together.

On the other hand if you spend less than normal time on other areas or you have a shorter list in certain categories, then it means it’s important, but not as important.

This is critical because plans match up with your mindset. If you are focused on your business it creates a massive disconnection if you spend all of your time doing something else.

For example, I have a lot of focus on my business with a little bit on my health. If I flipped priorities and was constantly at the gym or exercising, it doesn’t make sense with my current plan.

How plans can predict our success is simple. Plans are roadmaps and the success and failure of a plan depends on how committed we are to the plan and what goes in it. We will continue to fail at managing our money if our plans are as flimsy as a limp noodle. All the same if we have a solid foundation, we are setting ourselves for success eventually.

All that’s needed is more time to iron out the plan.

Plans Grow With You

Plans are like seedlings, they take time and plenty of care.

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Much like with ourselves and our own mindset.

For sure we develop further as we grow older. But everyone knows that a nurturing mind needs to continue to learn to continue expanding.

These aspects delve into our plans as well. It’s why I’ve learned that it’s better for me to be specific and direct as opposed to long-winded. Even my own writing style has shifted dramatically as a result of my development of skills, personality, and my own position as well.

This is all reflected in my plans as my desires shift and I realize that the plan I created wasn’t up to snuff. I realize that plans need to be updated regularly. When we neglect them, we fail as we lose our sense of self.

I can talk with experience from that as I felt that my goals weren’t leading me to anything meaningful. Furthermore there was little direction outside of the goals that I have day in and day out.

But by going back to a plan, tweaking it and growing it, that seedling starts to grow with you. It makes sense for plans to be alongside you as opposed to brushed aside or jotted down in a document you never check.

We start dying when we stop learning and making adjustments.

We start to get comfortable with our circumstances and situations when we make no plans to change it.

These are dangerous mindsets to have if you want to be growing as a person. Plans can facilitate our development by giving you that roadmap that you are looking for.

Plans Aren’t Everything But Can Change Your Perspective

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Plans at their core provide a roadmap of goals, dreams, motivations, and methods to get there. They can be detailed or short, but there is more to them than that.

They’re not the be all end all for our success. A lot of times people do things that are not part of the plan and pay off big time for them. Others go off plan and fail.

But at the end of the day, neglecting a plan can make many people feel lost.

I remember why I went for shorter plans at the beginning. While these days I prefer these short plans, I was curious to see what people thought about in terms of business plans.

Outside of the exception of plans needing millions of dollars in funding, entrepreneurs don’t bother making business plans. In fact if they ever do make plans, they hardly ever look at them.

Perhaps this is why many entrepreneurs fail, they lose their core values and why they started a company.

Whatever the case may be, in order to leverage plans properly, it’s important to understand what a plan can do and what really goes into making a plan. When we have a deeper care and consideration for our plans, this is reflected by us making adjustments as time goes on.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

Entrepreneur, positive-minded. I used to say a lot, now I do a lot. Documenting my growth. Support me on Patreon:

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