What Is Your Mt. Everest? Identifying A Purpose In Your Life

A great journey begins with understanding who you are and where you want to go.

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When I was in middle school I remember a short story of a man who strived to climb to the top of Mt. Everest. It’s a massive ordeal. For one you have to monitor your eating, your pace in which you’re climbing, and also your oxygen once you get higher up.

In the end the man didn’t make it (he was running low on oxygen), but the story clearly still stuck to me to this day that I can remember bits and pieces of it. It was clear to me that this man had a goal in life, to reach the top of one of the tallest mountains in the world.

Back then, it would’ve been a simple story to me, however over the years it’s made me realize it’s about goals and a purpose in life. In order to propel yourself forward is to have a goal, a vision, and a purpose in life.

True the man failed in reaching the top, but I can imagine that he came back to the challenge more resilient. He would have other strategies in mind the next time. In essence, the man in the story refused to give up.

In life when you have a goal or something that you want to achieve so badly it drives you. Even when you fail, you’ll still go after it. To a lot of people they see that as stubbornness. They can look at that story and say the man climbing Mt. Everest was a failure.

But we don’t know that. And you can’t judge someone entirely off of the first step they took.

My point is that even when you fail, when that goal is something meaningful, you will chase it until you achieve it.

This Is A Purpose In Your Life

I believe that a purpose in life is something you will fight over to achieve. It is something that will inspire you to move forward. It’ll fill you with vigor and it is something that makes you feel truly happy in life.

To identify it it takes time and is moulded and changed over time as you work. Even my own has changed — from something I thought I was so certain about, to eventually realizing my true calling.

This sort of thing can take months of even years to realize and figure out, but have some patience. Start to ask the tough questions in your own life. Here’s a few to consider.

The Tough Questions

To find a serious answer within you, one must ask the serious questions.

I’m starting with one of the toughest questions first because it’s a pessimistic type of question. Despite my overly positive attitude I have towards life, there are things that honestly suck. And with every thing that we do, there is a cost associated to it.

It might not necessarily be gains and losses of money, but you have to give up something in order to pursue this. An opportunity cost.

One of the things with running a business is that your social life is very small. And considering I want to delve even more into it, I’ll be spending even less time outside. It is in my nature to be around other people. Despite my stuttering and stammering at times, I enjoy being around people. I have to live without that since I chose this path.

So take the time to ask yourself what exactly are you giving up right now to do what it is you are doing right now?

Follow that up with “Is what you are giving up actually worth it to live the life you have right now?”

When I first started to pursue Youtube and blogging, I was getting paid pennies. Now I’m at the point where I will proudly say I’m making $2–4 a month doing this. For a lot of people they may pity me, however I have gotten people to actually laugh at me.

I was embarrassed to talk about something like that for the longest of times. Especially since my work, I believe, is something meaningful. However — over time — I’ve grown used to saying this. I even gave up a sales job to ultimately end up where I am right now.

Was it a bright move to quit my job? No. But was it a move I wanted to make? Yes.

My point is that a purpose in life will move you. It’s something that may force you to take a step back in life. Whether that’s moving back in with family or downsizing your house or apartment or even car. But you know in the end that it’s only temporary and that you’ll be alright.

Furthermore the work itself you don’t mind making a fool of yourself. No one is ever perfect right out the front door. There will be mistakes that are made, and you’ll end up looking stupid. But learning to laugh it off and take it with stride and pride is part of the process. After all, you learned that the past doesn’t define who the person is becoming.

The last question is a tough one and for me it took a lot of time to figure that out. Hell I figured it out literally a month ago after devoting to writing for about 2 years now.

What I mean by super power is more or less a gift or an ability that you have. Something that people complement you on. That or something you are really passionate about.

For me, it’s writing and talking. I’ve been praised for my communication skills despite living in my room cooped up and living under a rock for most of my life. Not to mention that my writing has gotten better over the years of dedicated and consistent writing.

Still, it has to be something that you have a passion for or that you can turn into a business. So let’s get to identifying that.

At the end of the day, we do things for two very specific reasons. Research from Sigmund Freud reported these reasons being sex urge and the desire to be great or important. In other words we are motivated by the fact we could have sex by doing something, or that we are looking to be someone of importance.

Since every person isn’t going to have sex with you, it’s easier to ask yourself what you can do that will make you feel great or important.

This can be something like spreading awareness about a world issue, after all we have hundreds of them. Or it can be something as small as improving your community or your town. Regardless, you want to be finding something that drives you.

What is something that in your eyes will make a difference? Because even in the end you may not be able to solve the problem, however you can be a stepping stone towards that solution.

Lastly tie that purpose in with that skill that you have.

But Remember: Take Your Time

When it comes to a purpose in life, it’s not something that can be done in a matter of hours. It’s something that must be worked on and tried. You’ll make adjustments as you continue to realize more things along that path.

But by having a clearer vision of where you want to go, you are one step closer to making your way to the pilot seat. Next post, I’ll be talking about elements of an action plan, your map if you will.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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