What You Need To Know About Health And Fitness Challenges

It’s not always about hitting the mark or doing things exactly, but about deeper themes.

I’m in day 3 of a 100-day superhero workout challenge. For the next 100 days, I have to do 100 sit ups, 100 push ups, 100 squats, and a 10 km jog.

And I’m not going to lie, I’ve already technically failed the challenge. I failed this challenge before it even really started. On day 1, I only got halfway. Not to mention I walked for most of it.

By every stretch of the imagination, I have already failed. But while many people would get upset about that fact, I’m not bothered about it. Because there are more important things to be focusing on than the fact I can’t physically do those exercises every day.

The Challenge Is Really About Consistency

While many people would obviously want to complete the entirety of this challenge, the issue in so many cases is some people physically can’t. The challenge that I’m taking specifically is designed more for those who are more active than I am. These are for people who already do a good chunk of exercising and are looking for a challenge.

After all, the challenge is asking me to jog a 10k marathon every single day.

For me, it’s not about completing this challenge flawlessly. It’s about being consistent and at the very least be moving around.

It’s habit building.

Don’t get me wrong, just because I’ve failed this challenge already doesn’t mean I’m going to put zero effort into my exercising for the next 98 attempts. I will be going as far as I can go but not to the point I injure myself.

And that is the key thing about these challenges. Yes, it’s great to be aiming for the top and having a few days where you hit that mark. But if you’re the entire focus is on whether you hit that or not, you will lose motivation. Not to mention on days that you feel sorer and can’t do the activities, you’ll be harsher on yourself.

There’s no point in bashing yourself over those things. There are more important things to keep in mind. Being consistent is one of them.

Focus On The Results You Have Achieved Rather Than The Ones You Haven’t

Naturally, by taking this route, I’m not going to be getting as great results compared to if I had done this exactly as it was intended. Judging by the fact my body is still sore and recovering from day 1 is enough of an indicator that my body wasn’t and probably won’t be fully prepared for the workout I put myself through over the next 98 days.

But at the end of the day, the effort that I’ve put in is still something to consider. Often times we focus so much on the failure and what we couldn’t achieve that we forget about everything that we’ve gained.

The next time I do actual push-ups, I’ll be able to handle them better than before.

Once I recover, I know I’ll be able to jog a little bit farther.

And regardless, this high amount of activity is going to be enough to help me lose weight in the long term. Or at the very least be able to help me build stronger muscles.

All in all, there are many upsides to taking these challenges. Even if you don’t follow them exactly, there are still plenty of benefits to be had with them. After all, the World Health Organization estimates on a global scale that roughly 31% of adults over 15 are inactive. And 3.2 million deaths every year are attributed to a lack of physical activity. By taking these challenges, there are some real benefits.

And I think paying attention to those particular things is more important than whether you failed or succeeded. At least you tried and you got some results. No one can’t deny or take that away from you.

It’s Still Inspiring

One other habit that I’m getting into is posting on social media again. For the longest time, I haven’t been posting on social media at all outside of sharing a link to my Medium posts.

That’s not to say that I have to share this journey or else, but rather that I want to in the event that it inspires people.

Because that’s what I’m about.

I want to inspire people and to get people to improve themselves in some fashion. And sometimes the best way to do that is put together little videos and chat about my progress.

I know social media is getting a bad rep right now and while I can agree that we don’t necessarily need social media, I think it’s important to also look at some of the good it can do. Like inspiring other people to do other things with their lives. To stop comparing themselves to other people and begin to value themselves and take charge of their life.

That’s not to say that one single video from me is going to do that. But the fact I’m getting out there and at least doing something can help those who are struggling.

This rule also applies to those around us. I know when I announced my intentions to my accountability group, they were inspired. The fact I’m setting an ambitious goal like this can impact other people. Even though in this case I am admitting that I’m not doing the challenge exactly as intended.

These challenges are a great source of growth physically but mentally as well. As I hinted at above, these challenges challenge our mental state. How we view success and failure, how we react to those sorts of things, and how we proceed forward regardless of the outcome or results thus far.

There are many mental challenges to these challenges as well. It’s why I’m starting to enjoy and appreciate these challenges and why I’d like to do more of them in the future. For now, I’ll keep focusing on this one and doing the best I can.

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