When You Make It To The Top What Do You Do?

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Do you have an email address that you hardly ever use? I’ve got one of those. It routinely gets filled with daily notifications from Twitter, Facebook, and now Medium. The email is neglected for months and it doesn’t take long for it to pile up with hundreds of notifications.

But amongst those notifications was something interesting. Something I didn’t realize at all.

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On the 2nd of September I apparently became the top writer in the Life Lessons tag.

Most of it is due to the massive response that I got from “How To Take Action Even When You Feel Unproductive”. So again thank you so much for your support on that.

When You Get To The Top

The top may be a rather lonely place.

I remember that saying

“It’s awfully lonely at the top.”

But I don’t really believe that. Firstly it’s a struggle to reach the top.

I know for myself it took me nearly half a year to get to top writer on Medium. Through dedication, some crazy marketing skills, and some fantastic support, I was able to make it.

Secondly, you still have to fight for it.

Even though in a situation like this there isn’t much of a competition. You’re not striving to be Rank #1. For Top Writer it’s a matter of getting enough big stats to get there.

But in situations like say sports, it’s very different. There is always someone willing to train harder and better to take that spot from you.

In other words you need to continue to do more of what you are doing. Networking, hustling, investing in yourself, and more.

“The Top” True Meaning

It’s a time to work harder, but it’s also a time to step back and reflect. To look at your work and see the progress that you have made.

I know for myself there are particular pieces I’ve written on here that I’d say are good quality. However some fall into posts that I’m not so happy about. They feel rather forced and unmoving.

Even though this has been happening less and less lately, it still is worth pausing and reflecting. Looking at my work and refocusing.

Even though being consistent is good and encouraged, losing in enthusiasm and quality isn’t,

I’m not drained out or anything.

There is still a wealth of information that I can be writing about. However I think it’s important to step up my game on here.

To Reach Out And Hustle Further

Building myself up and branching out further than I have. I’ve already taken some steps to do that already.

But as far as my writing goes on here I’ll be taking a break. Don’t worry I’ll still be writing on here, but not as frequently as I have been for the past several months.

It’ll give me the breathing room I need to get some more ideas to add to the abundance of ideas I have already. But also to put together better quality pieces to share too.

Let’s do this!

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