Why A Difference In Perspective Can Help You Understand Yourself

Eric S Burdon
5 min readMay 29, 2018

There are over 7.5 billion people in the world today and every one of us thinks in a different way.

Sure there are people that have similar view points. It’s why we are able to gather around particular causes. But at their core, we do things for different reasons.

It’s this particular fact that has gotten me so interested in people and found a deeper appreciation for people.

It was through that fact as well that I learned a valuable lesson.

That lesson being that we need to appreciate the differences in perspective and therefore people.

In fact, by embracing these differences we can better learn ourselves in ways we can’t imagine on our own.

Why Perspectives Are Important

Perspective is how we see the world, our own reality.

It’s unique to ours and ours alone.

But is our reality the only one that exists?

Absolutely not.

Every person has their own realities, whether it’s job positions or people in general. These positions and perspectives are based on our reality.

From there, we see things differently.

As a leader or as an individual, it’s widely important to see things in different light. By doing that we add a deeper layer of understanding ourselves and others. I always use the example of people in power (like managers) or politicians to explain this.

It’s easy for people to see at times why managers or politicians do certain things that make no sense. Some people feel that these people are out to get them. They complain about change or something else when change comes.

The truth is, that those complainers could very well lack perspective.

I’m not saying all politicians are saints and all managers are good given the right circumstances.

However their actions shouldn’t be based solely on one perspective, the general public or their employees respectively.

Eric S Burdon

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