Why Do We Normalize Negativity?

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“Hey that’s a really cool watch.”

“Oh I got this from a pawn shop for cheap.”

“You are such a kind person, thank you.”

“Oh, it was nothing.”

Normalize Negativity.

Though the compliments are rather minor in the grand scheme of things, it still doesn’t pull away from the fact that a lot of people think negatively. Or at the very least, subconsciously normalize it. We show hatred or jealousy to those successful. We tell people or even ourselves “it can’t be done.” It’s gotten to the point that we downplay compliments.

The Primal Mind

I’m sure you’ve had instances before where you’ve had sudden negative thoughts right? A past negative memory, or perhaps you’re blowing up a scenario way too much in your head. Even the most positive and optimistic individual will still have these instances and it’s caused by something called ‘the primal mind.’ In essence, it’s a basic function we have as human beings.

Being Exposed To One Side

When it comes to debates and arguments, we have a difficult time to see reason from the other side. More often than not we have a sense of pride, that our way of thinking is right and that the other is wrong. We’d even go as far as saying the opposing side is uneducated, or stupid.

Negative Media

One of the catalysts to one-sided thinking is negative media. Obviously we consume media on a daily basis. Some of it helps us while some of it is negative.

Playing The Victim

Growing up, I had an odd fear of not wanting to get into trouble. I was always someone who followed the rules and never asked questions. However, despite that, there were times where I did get in trouble and in those situations I shifted the blame.

Regardless Of The Source, Negativity Can Be Controlled

It can never be abolished completely, there will be days where you will experience those negative emotions. But by understanding the world around you and monitoring what you say and what you do, you can better master it.

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