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One of the greatest abilities of humans is our ability to change our mindsets. Over the years as we’ve grown and evolved, our thought processes have changed and adapted. But even to this day we still have one particular issue with change.

We resist it heavily.

Part Of That Comes To How We Are Wired

In fact it’s natural for us to be resisting any kind of change in general. From developing particular habits to setting goals, our default system is setting us up for failure.

Let me explain.

We all have a brain, however there are two major parts to our brain: the emotional side and the logical side. You can also call them the creative side and the analytical side as well.

Regardless of which side you use more often, humans at their core are emotional creatures. We respond very well to any sort of thing that prompts an emotional response. Regardless of if it’s positive or negative.

The problem lies in the instances where we fail or that we make a poor choice. In the end our own logic will step in to ensure that the experience all around looks good.

In Essence We Shift The Blame

We start to look at circumstances, the position that you were in, other peoples mistakes and so on. All in an attempt to shield ourselves from a particular emotion: guilt.

From an early age we are taught if you do bad things or make a mistake you will be punished for it. We grew hating mistakes as opposed to seeing them as lessons and growing from them.

We eventually find ourselves in a situation that even though we made a mistake, we believe it’s not really our fault.

What Has This Got To Do With Change?

So how does this tie back into change? Firstly whenever we strive to make a change or hustle to achieve something, part of the process is that we will experience failure. Failure is a part of life. From learning to walk to starting a business. You are expected to fail at least once or twice or more.

The thing is is that once you fail, our brains default setting is to protect you from guilt or failure. As such our logic will come up with any kind of excuse or way of thinking to justify it. It gets to the point that we cling to that and use that as our rationale.

That’s why in some cases people who worked for a company for years will resist a change in that company because “they’ve seen changes before”. They saw changes fail, they’ve seen people fail. Hell they may have tried to change and failed themselves.

So How Can You Resist Getting Into That Sinkhole?

Whether you are looking to change yourself or you want to grow a broader mind to the concept of change, I’m here for you.

Over this week (and possibly a few other weeks) I will be covering strategies and discussing even more theories of why we resist change and how to have a broader mind to it.

This week in particular I want to focus on three main things:

Why we cling to old methods, and why they don’t work,

Handling the fear of failure, sharing tactics to embrace failure,

And avoiding excuses, a common tool used after you tried to change and failed.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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