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Why Involve People On Your Journey

The Daily Grind #76

Your journey and your path are yours to make and yours to own. This in of itself creates a lone wolf mentality. For several years I’ve been in this sort of state where I think I have to do everything myself.

This is one of the many flaws that I have and I still need to remind myself of this.

But it can be so difficult to remind yourself when you are always seemingly alone. You are in your office working away, shut away from the world despite the fact you spend a few hours a day on social media trying to grasp a feeling of “connection.”

It used to be pretty depressing for me. But now, it’s not so much.

Because I’ve learned the value behind having people around, even if it’s through social media.

I focused instead on creating better connections, stronger connections, and opening myself up little by little.

But why go through all that? So many relationships these days are so artificial you can see right through them? People using people as stepping stones to advance their status on social media or in their career.

In the end, it doesn’t even matter.

Because acting like a dick all the time isn’t the right way for getting ahead. In fact burning bridges puts more of a damper on your momentum than you might think.

Bringing People In Allows You To Show Them More

Bringing people along allows you to be more open as you start to grow more comfortable around them. I always go back to the example of the Tribe Builder’s Group that Frank McKinley has grown tirelessly. I’ve said a few times I’ve been reluctant to making connections or kept my distance, but little by little I’ve been easing back into it.

My worry is that by not showing up and having a presence felt more like I was using people. While I didn’t always express those things, it makes sense how these emotions have compelled me to go deeper and explore myself in a new light.

I was being vulnerable, but also for no particular reason.

While I normally don’t show this side to people, this sort of position prompted me to start talking more. I make a habit of popping in and at least commenting a few times now.

That’ll happen more now that I’ve balanced my work a little better now.

Still, I have to commend Frank for providing the opportunity for us to have a place like this where not only can we grow as writers, but also as individuals.

Bringing People Allows You To Push Yourself Further

Through the tribe builders group, I’ve met many writers, and a lot of them have pushed me to become more of a better writer and to come up with creative ideas as well.

In recent months where Medium is making these changes, we all have to stick closer together. Not to mention generate new ideas. Some of the people that have inspired me further are people like Tom Kuegler with his recent webinar and his Medium Power Hour Challenge (which I’m still doing.), Shannon Ashley for writing some truly amazing and interesting pieces, and Michael Thompson for getting my gears turning and thinking more of some exciting ideas.

It makes me grateful to be around these people whom I know a little bit, but want to be around more.

Bringing People Influences You

My whole attitude about life, and the work I do on Medium is primarily dictated these days by what I’m reading and exposing myself to. I’ve been far more hopeful and purposeful with my work, pushing myself and exploring new possibilities.

This is in part to the people that I’ve met who are driven by a purpose. They don’t complain about the shit they go through.

True they have problems and want to fix them, but we all do. Complaining isn’t going to get you anywhere so they push further.

It makes them look cooler and how I want to be cooler too.

So bring people along. Because while you’ll feel a mixture of emotions, they still influence you in a big and positive way if you get the right ones.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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