Why We Shouldn’t Use The Same Brush For Everything

Not everything is as it seems.

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Judging is the worst. But what’s even worse is seeing every person in that category as the same. Much like the world view of millionaires, our perception of particular groups of people can be very misleading.

I use the example of the US 2016 election. Not every person who voted for the current US President is a racist bigot. Mind you there was a lot that went on during that election, but again we can be certain of one thing, not every person fits a generic stereotype based on who they voted for.

However People Still Use The Same Brush For Judging

They are quick to label people and see people in whatever kind of light they deem fit. But as I briefly mentioned on Monday’s post, not everything is as it seems. And of course following through that perception can have some consequences.

Even something minor as stereotypes based on occupations can have repercussions.

Distorted Expectations

Much like with our millionaires, not every person who is worth a million dollars is driving expensive cars and living in a large house. But should one suddenly be a millionaire, they may follow down that route of buying lavish items. Which in most cases doesn’t bode well for them.

They don’t realize that a lot of millionaires took the time to invest in stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments. That they often pick from the deal menu when they go out to eat. Or that most will never spend over $400 for a suit.

I’m not saying all millionaires are cheap and have no taste. But they live within their means like a typical person would. But our expectations are so distorted that we hide that fact and are exposed to one side of the coin.

Makes You Look Like An Ass

Another thing is it makes you look like an ass. Sure some people like assholes. But it can easily backfire. And it can ruin relationships and people’s image of you.

I remember a time where my brother told me a story about a guy’s comment about a Salvation Army ad that was playing in a movie theater. The guy immediately started complaining about the people that are on welfare. That they’re lazy people.

I can imagine that’s the view for a lot of people. But that guy is an asshole for being misinformed and blurting that out. Misinformed about the process of even getting into that program.

In Canada you need to be applying to jobs, while also providing proof of income and expenses. At any point in the process, if you get a job, they’ll cut your paycheques or deny your application.

It’s mainly why people on welfare will decline job offers and continue to stay in the system. Because the cheques are barely keeping them alive and going for a month long period with no income is incredibly difficult.

My point is that asshole’s perception makes him look like an asshole. And even if he was a decent guy despite that statement, I wouldn’t want to associate myself with him. Not unless he actually changed.

In The End We Become Blind-sighted

When we use the same brush to judge everyone in a category that way, we become blind-sighted. As I’ve talked about before, knowledge is understanding one side, but intelligence is understand both sides of the coin.

Even though it’s natural for us to pick one side and stick to it, it’s important for us to know both. It’s a matter of having an open mind, but also a willingness to do research and have a curiosity for the topic.

The Ignorant Brush

When we make ignorant statements like that guy in the movie theater it can cause a lot of problems. What’s been happening in the US is part of that. We allowed ignorant people to say ignorant things and people believed it.

And I know that we’ve fact checked a lot of things. That’s great we are making a step towards informing people, but I believe we need to do more. To explain to people the importance of having an open mind and prompting people to think in different ways.

I challenge you to do that. To broaden your horizons and look at both sides and try to understand a groups view point. Because in the end, we’re all pretty similar in certain cases when you think about it.

Try it out.

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