Why Your Time Is The Best Time To Do Something

There once was a principal who started an assembly and asked all grade eleven students to attend. As they rushed to their seats, they were completely unaware of what the principal will be telling them, but soon enough his speech started.

“Today’s assembly is about the start of a journey. The start of the rest of your lives.”

“In two years time, you will be finishing up high school.”

“By three years time, you will be studying across the world, in the university of your choice.”

“In five years time you will have started your careers. Most of you will be working in the top businesses of the world across the globe.”

“You will then get married. You may then buy a house.”

“In ten years time, your life will be set for you.”

“In 15 years time you will be 30 and from then on, your path and your life will be set.”

Here is why that approach is not good at all for us.

Some people won’t graduate until they are 21 and never find a job until they are 26.

Some people won’t attend university and find what they truly love at 17 or 18 years old.

There are people found a job right out of university, make decent money, but hate what they do and wish for more.

There are people who took gap years and found their true purpose in life.

Some people who were so certain of what they wanted to do by 16, and changed their minds by 23. (I’m one of them.)

Some people have children, but are single. They don’t find love until they are in their 30s.

And there are certainly people who are married and had to wait several years or a decade in order to have children.

The whole point of this is that everything all happens according to our own time, our clock.

Some are ahead, some are behind

You may think that some people are ahead of you and some who are behind you and that’s alright. Everything happens at their own pace in their life.

They have their own time and internal clock, just the same as you do.

Be patient.

At 25, Mark Cuban was a bartender in Dallas.

It took till she was 32 for J.K Rowling to publish Harry Potter before being rejected by 12 publishers.

Ortega launched Zara when he was 39 and Jack Ma launched Alibaba by 35.

Colonel Sanders didn’t launch KFC until he was in his 70s!

  • Getting a degree before 25 is still an an achievement in of itself.
  • Not getting married by 30 is still beautiful if you are happy with the single life.
  • Starting a family after 35 is still possible.
  • And buying a house after 40 is still great.

Don’t let people rush you with their timelines ever.

Because it’s as Einstein said once:

“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that’s counted truly counts.”

What’s most important in our lives isn’t hitting those markers all through life. What does matter is that you use your life to find yourself and to create a meaningful impact on the world at your own pace.

Only in that, will you find true success in life.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

This post is part of an 3 month writing challenge that I’m committing myself to. Every day for 3 months, I’ll be writing articles with specific criteria in mind. You can learn all about my reasoning as well as what that criteria is right here. This is 89 of 91 of this series.

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