Writing With Authenticity: How Writing Can Help You Immensely In Living Your Life

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It’s been three years since I began writing for a purpose. I was done writing reports, business plans, and marketing strategies and started to write about what I felt like.

My early work is long gone at this point but I vividly remember that it was terrible. Looking at what I wrote last year makes me cringe today so I think it’s safe to say my older work would be even worse.

But despite that, I continued to write and push myself through it. The big reason was that I was developing a habit. Little would I expect this habit turned into the gateway for me to make money.

But I’m not about the money. Yes it’s great now, but I write for something else. Something that can help you and everyone else.

I Write To Be Authentic, To Be Me

I was first exposed to writing when I was told it might be helpful for me to write in a journal. Back then, I had a mixture of emotions that I didn’t know how to handle. Yet I was pushing myself to make massive changes.

I didn’t follow through with those words until a year later when I was in college. Even then, I wrote infrequently, having a few (or several) months between each writing session.

But even as my style changed, when I started to write as a hobby, the technical, boring writing I wrote began to show personality. By all means I wasn’t showing any vulnerabilities, but there was some emotion.

I write to be authentic, and I believe that it’s important for people to do that too. Whether their personality shifts to writing articles with click-baity titles and making millions, to simply writing for yourself, I feel writing is still important. As long as it shows your authentic self. Who you really are.

The Struggles

Write to show your vulnerabilities. Whether you’ll hit publish or not, this is a key aspect. When you don’t write to be authentic, you lose yourself. Jon Westenberg recently talked about his own authenticity. He went to being the top all by writing content trying to vie for attention, and dumb comments.

He ended up with that, yet lost his sense of self. He was successful, yet unhappy. And as soon as he became authentic, when he rediscovered his purpose for writing, his audience plunged. But he was and is happy.

Willing to be vulnerable and taking the steps towards your true self is difficult. But I believe through writing we are able to cope and come to understanding. It was through writing that Jon realized he lost sight of his goal and how he viewed writing before his shift.

Writing can show our vulnerabilities and our weaknesses. But it also allows us to have an opportunity to be accepted by them and to deal with them.

By all means we aren’t perfect or flawless beings. I still have no clue how to grow an audience rapidly to save my life and I’ve read so much content on how to do that. I’m amazed I managed to grow this much of an audience as it is.

But by admitting that, we are allowing ourselves to be authentic, vulnerable, and show the struggles. We’re all people here and as much as I’ve sorted out some of my life, there is still so much out there that I need to figure out.

Write To Be Free

Writing in the end is an escape and an opportunity to sort through our thoughts. For many of us writers we air it out like dirty laundry and maybe we get some people to look at it. But not everyone has to go down that path.

When you write, even if that’s not your main gig, you can get tremendous clarity about your struggles. But also what’s really on your mind. It’s a safe haven, a place to escape, nurture, and grow from.

Writing brings out the best in all of us.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

Entrepreneur, positive-minded. I used to say a lot, now I do a lot. Documenting my growth. Support me on Patreon: http://bit.ly/2pIEPFR

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